Why choose us?

ES PALETE offers high quality cargo transportation in Baltic States, Europe and Scandinavia.

We can take care of your cargo no matter what size or weight it is.

High-risk, fragile or extra-sensitive cargo? It is worth relying on us, we will ensure the security and prompt delivery of cargo.

Every day minibuses runs on the Klaipeda-Vilnius/Vilnius-Klaipeda route.

We carry basically everything that can be loaded into minivans, from small envelopes to large building materials, plasterboard, veneers, and all type of home appliances.

Express delivery service to any country in Europe.

Door to door delivery.

*Our clients are both companies and individuals.

We also conclude independent contracts for the supply of goods to manufacturing companies, for the delivery of finished products to customers, as well as for the supply of raw materials for the provision of production processes.

Email: sales@espalete.com;
Phone: +37069398263
Registration code: 305079079
VAT: LT100012264512